Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofas are gaining plentiful of attention in Malaysia. Some aspects in choosing a good fabric sofa is obvious, like getting your favourite colour. Probably that is why people love it so much, for the wide colour gamut. However, there are actually a few more considerations beyond colour choice.

Fabric Durability
Always make choice based on who sits the fabric sofa most. For example, if you have pets around the house consider microfibre materials so that the fur wont stick around. Consider fabric durability if you have a big family that hangs around the sofa area often. Woven patterns hold up much longer than the printed ones, then the next thing that comes to mind is the thread counts. The higher the better.

Fabric Style
Your fabric style should be in line with your interior design and themes. Also not to forget the style and character of the piece it is covering. A traditional fabric will look amazing only on a traditional style of frame.

There are different styles of fabric sofas available in the market, some look more casual while some look more formal. Get the right pattern.

Yes Finally, Fabric Colour
Colour is the most important reason people go for fabric sofas, nothing surprising anyway. So make sure you make the colour choice you genuinely love. However there are some basic knowledge over colour selection before jumping into your most lovable colour. For instance, it is smart to avoid bold colours when you have a smaller room. It will only make your room look smaller.

Colour temperature is something you should be familiar of to strike the right balance in mood. Since warm and cool colours have an extent of influence to the mood of the room so make sure you are choosing the right colour for the right mood.

Just a gentle reminder, avoid trendy colours. From experience the trend comes and go very quickly. Unless you have special affection over the trend, avoid at all costs. Sofas are meant to last you for a decade or so, not for the sake of months of popularity.

Special Considerations
We have covered the essentials of fabric sofas. Consider these. If you plan to place it in places with sunlight exposure, consider a fade resistant fabric.

If you stay in areas with high humidity, look for fabric sofas which comes with mildew resistance.

If your family members or you has certain allergies, get the lint free microfibre material.

If you have pets around you house, avoid delicate fabric like silk or fabric with lots of textures.