Guidelines Of Choosing The Right Sofa For Your Office

Furniture in the office is very important to image your company identity. If you have a reception area, your client’s first sight would be sofa and other decorations. Choosing the right sofa is not hard by just following the few tips below to save your money and time.

Size of the room or area

Before choosing sofa for your office in furniture store, we must measure the dimension of the room and the space that you wanted to place the sofa. If you have a big space, you may choose an L- shaped sofa and place a water dispenser beside the sofa. If you have a small space to fit your sofa, consider on round – shaped sofas.

Positioning your sofa
You must also have a mind set on how will you position the sofa. If your room is going to furnish with TV, make sure the sofas have far enough distance with the TV. If the sofa is place in meeting room for meeting purpose, it should be in round or semi – circle pattern with table in the center.

Choose right shape for your room
According to the size of your room, you can now decide the shape of sofa for your office. There are few types of sofa for selection, L – shape, U – shape, I – shape, and round shape. According to the purpose of your sofa, you can add other furniture, such as table, side table, and decorations.


Find the right upholstery material
After choosing the right shape, we might neglected upholstery materials and maintenance consideration. If the sofa placed in somewhere people regularly sit, you should choose leather sofa for easier maintenance. Fabric sofa needs a tougher time to maintain compare to leather sofa. 

Look for right colour
This is the easiest part among the other steps. Choose the sofa colour that match the wall and surrounding. If your office is come with dull colour, consider of choosing bright colour to make your office looks lighter. Also, choose the sofa colour according to your company nature. If you are in design world, choose sofa with funky colours and random design.