How Office Furniture Increase Productivity

As the owner of a business, we understand that every piece of furniture play an important role especially on boosting your productivity and potential. By equipping the office with great furniture, your productivity can reach a new level. This is the reason why most of the business owners improve their office furniture from boring and old furniture into stylish and comfortable new furniture. It is important to understand the essential of equip good office furniture for your office.

Dull furniture will cause laziness

Do you know that boring office furniture set does not only make you feel lazy, but also make you feel irritated and clumsy? When an individual lost interest in their work, it also affects their productivity too. If one can’t concentrate on work during work time, he or she would probably lack of productivity at home and social world too.

Exciting colours bring energy
According to professional, it is best to avoid using dark colour when planning your interior, either home or office. It is recommended to choose furniture with bright colour. Furniture with bright colour can cheer up a person’s mood, relieve stress, and increase productivity.

The importance of tidiness
Although furniture is important on increasing productivity, tidiness and cleanliness of the office is another factor that provides relaxation and positive vibes. An unorganized office will deprive employee’s passion on work, while a clean and neat office will keep the employees comfortable and be more productive when performing task.

Keep items reachable

Another useful tips to increase office productivity is keep things in place and reachable. Things such as office accessories, stationary, and even printer should keep at somewhere easy reachable and back into place after using it. Sometimes, we will need to get up and go to other places to get something in order to complete the things. Keeping things reachable does not only speed up your work, but also increase your productivity.

Divide the office accordingly
Dividing the office space using proper office partitions with different zone can also increase one’s productivity. This allows the employees to work in professional space and relax at resting area during work time. It is the best to take a balance between professional and private life.

Consider standing desk
There are studies show that sitting for long period may causes sickness such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. An Australia study even show that every additional hour spent sitting on daily basis may increase death by 11%. Consider of standing desk or stand up to walk around for five minutes every hours.

Lighting in the office
Professional stated that employees in the office with no windows have lower productivity compared with the one with windows and more light exposure. Employees with more light exposure sleep 46 minutes more a night. By increasing the natural light exposure in the office, it will impact the employees surprisingly. If you are not able to let the natural light came into office, install sufficient artificial light to make sure the space is bright enough to complete daily task.