Sofa Bed

Some calls it a sleeper sofa, where locally we call it sofa beds. As the name suggests, it caters to 2 functions – as a sofa and as a bed. This is no doubt one of the most functional pieces of furniture in history. They are a decent choice for interior space restricted rooms. Having a sofa bed in your living room instantly turns it into a guest room.

Nobody would argue the functionality sofa bed offers. However, there are a couple of considerations to go through before you set out to buy one. Just like any piece of furniture you need to look into your needs, your real estate, your design etc.

There are many Malaysian furniture manufacturer out there offering sofa beds, and naturally you will notice great differences in quality and pricing. Quite obvious that the quality ones come with a hefty price tag but they are manufactured to last for a decade and beyond.

Sofa Bed in space restricted areas.
If you have space restrictions, Twin size sofa bed might suit you best. Never underestimate the size of sofa beds. They can extend up to 39″ wide on an average. Therefore be prepared to save some space for the sofa beds to “transform”. Don’t expect them to be cheaper because of the size, most often that is not the case. It’s a niche product, people usually buy them for smaller spaces.

If it’s for personal use, a full size sofa bed is what you need even with space restrictions. Whereas for sitting the ideal size should be in between a sofa and a love seat. This size is perfect for small to medium sized apartments. When space is not an issue then you are in luck, as a queen size sofa bed is the most widely available kind. A queen size sleeper sofa can comfortably seat three, and can provide a comfortable bed for two people.