The Importance Of Adjusting Office Chair

To fit every kind of chair user, office chair are design with several lever to allow you to adjust different part of the chair. This is to help support your body and lead to the best seating position without feeling pain after sitting for hours during work time. Adjustable office chair can avoid health problem as the chair that too low can cause back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and shoulder pain, while a chair that’s too high can cause pain on inner side of elbow. In this article, you can find out some tips on adjusting your office chair to lead sitting with best position that suits you.

A good office partitions system allows the employee complete their daily task under comfort environment and fit every working style. In the office, there are three areas that affect employees’ working posture, which is office chair, working desk surface, and floor. To maximize the comfort I the office, these factor should be adjustable. If your company can’t afford big budget on it, an adjustable chair is necessary for each individual.

According to studies, the idea sitting position in front your desk is your feet should be laying flat on the floor, and the knees at 90° angle. This is to avoid your body stay under pressure for long time which causes uncomfortable after work. The action of adjusting your chair height allows you to determine if the chair is ergonomic. Some working desk has limited space under the desk. If you can’t place your leg under the desk or have enough space to move your leg freely, the desk is too low for you. Consider of putting on risers or invest on desk with proper height.

In the other hand, if you can sit comfortably but you need to raise your arm in order to reach the keyboard on the desk surface, the desk is too high for you. You may use keyboard tray to lower the height of keyboard placement. You can also adjust the chair height so that your elbows are same height as the desk. Use a foot rest to lay your feet flat. Besides of office chair and working desk, the computer screen place has a great impact to your body too. If the screen causes your neck craning up, down forward or backward in order to read properly, you will need to adjust the placement of screen. Use adjustable monitor arm which the screen can rotate in all directions.

No matter how great is the office chair, sitting with wrong position can hurt your back and muscle easily. To avoid your back being pain after sitting in one position for long period, stand up from your seat and stretch your body. You can also walk for a minute every half hour in the office. This will encourage your blood flow that brings important nutrients to every body parts. Stretching your body can keep the joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons loose. This can help you feeling comfort, relax, and stay focus on work.