The Right Office Furniture For Company

As the owner of a company, you will need to consider the company’s finances, human resources, marketing, social media, branding, and partnerships. There are many office tips and advice around the internet. Most of us spend 40 hours a week in the office, and we should aware of something close to us – office furniture. Many company owner, especially newly open business may put office furniture aside upon many priority. It is not too late to consider ergonomic office furniture, cubicle styles, new or used furniture, and where to buy the office furniture. Getting quality office furniture can help to improve employees’ attitude and productivity.

New or Used Office Furniture
In the beginning of choosing the right office furniture, you will need to decide whether to get new or used. When you are going through furniture magazine and website, you will notice that the price has a big different. You can choose the furniture according to your business nature, office space, and visitor flow. Knowing the advantage and disadvantage of each type furniture can help you on making decision too.

Getting new office furniture allows you to choose from large varieties of styles, colours, and sizes. There is also latest trend furniture available for selection. The warranty is available and you may get replacement parts if needed within warranty period. However, new office furniture is higher price. Some office furniture manufacturer may require you to assembly yourself after purchasing. Delay may also happen between purchase date and delivery date which may affect your initial planning.

Used office furniture is average 25 – 35% cheaper compared to new office furniture. It is a good choice for offices which have 20 or less employees in the house. If you are planning to use the furniture for 2 – 3 years, used office furniture is definitely a great choice. But, there are limited choices available from used furniture seller. You may not get enough quantity of furniture to fit your employees and match the interior design. Usually, the warranties are expired when there is any problem occurred on the furniture. There can be hidden damages when you purchase the furniture.

Where to Buy Office Furniture
After considering what type of office furniture is the best for your company, then you need to consider where to buy the office furniture. If you had decided to get new office furniture, you may pick furniture stores from online or recommendation from friends. There are 3 ways you can get it, from office furniture manufacturer or dealers, furniture brokers, and auctions.

Office furniture manufacturer or dealers have a wide range of used furniture displayed in the showroom. This may be an expensive option, but you can find a great deal buying in bulk. If you have no idea of what furniture suit your office the best, approach to manufacturer or dealer for professional advice.

An office furniture broker does not have a show room for buyer to take a look at furniture, but it is usually displayed online. They usually don’t have a office for business, but focus on buying and selling furniture. Although the cost is affordable buying from broker, but it still can be risky because you are not able to see the furniture before purchase.

Buying office furniture at an auction sometimes depends on luck. In the auction, you may have some quality furniture, but usually it cannot be bought in bulk. If you are looking furniture for personal office, action may be a good choice for you.