Tips For Moving Your Sofa

When you are moving into a new house, whether it is a bigger house or an apartment, one of the things you need to do is move your furniture.  If you are in the midst of moving your furniture to new home, you will notice that every pieces of furniture has the different strategy. Some of the furniture can picked up and put directly into the vehicle, while some requires planning. One of the big piece furniture in house is sofa. It can be large and difficult to move out. Check out the tips on how you should move the sofa.

Get Some Hand from Friend
To move something big like sofa, you need the minimum manpower of two people. The more hand you have, the shorter time is needed. Get your friend to help on when moving your sofa. This can also make your procedure of moving house being easier. Third person can help navigate, open door, and also give help when needed. If your sofa is going to put on second floor, you will need one person on top and two people at the bottom.

Find out the Dimensions
Sometimes, your sofa will be too big to pass through the door in your house. Before moving in, you need to know the dimension of your door that you will access. Measure the height, width, and length. Avoid choosing sofa that too big. You don’t want to get trouble and break the sofa when moving house.  Sofa like sofa bed can be extremely heavy. Remove the mattress out to lighten the weight when moving the sofa. Make sure you didn’t left out the bed frame and secure it while moving.

Secure the Feet
Take off the feet of your sofa before moving out from the house to avoid damage.  If you are unable to remove the feet, secure them with taping rags or bubble wrap. When you accidentally bumped on something, it won’t leave a mark or damage the sofa. This can protect your sofa and new home in the same time. If you remove the feet from sofa, make sure you tape it with your sofa so that you won’t lost any element.

Take off the Doors
While moving big sofa, you will need more spaces to pass through. If you are having problem when passing through the door, taking off the door on your route can give you extra space. It seems like a task that taking long time, but it actually not. It can be very helpful especially go through with long sofa. The door won’t hit your sofa and leave mark on the sofa or damage the door.

This would be good tips that help you on moving sofa to your new house. If you have loads of furniture before moving to new house, make sure you have the plan to place of your furniture. While moving to new house, it would be messy and stuffed with things. Look for professional furniture movers if this is too troublesome.