Wooden Dining Furniture Buying And Maintenance Tips

There are variable of dining furniture available in the market with different materials and designs. This can fulfill the requirement of different clients. The most popular material of dining furniture is wooden material. Before purchase wooden dining furniture, consider the issues below to help you effectively choose the one that suit you the most.

Space Available For the Table
It is important to measure the space available to fit in the wooden dining furniture before deciding which to purchase as there are various size in the market. It would be troublesome if purchased an oversized table where there is no free space to walk.

Number of People Using the Table At the Same Time
After knowing how many space available, you may consider how many people will be using the table at the same time. A small table usually fits 4 to 6 people while larger table can sit up to 10 people.

Preferred Table Shape And Style
In the market, there are several shapes, sizes, and style of wooden dining table available. If you have a smaller size dining room, square and round dining table will be a suitable option. Rectangular and oval dining table is suitable for bigger room and fit more people. You can also choose formal or informal design for your wooden dining furniture. If you are looking for guest dinner party, rectangular dining table will be your priority option. If you only use for daily family dinner purpose, you can consider design with casual and comfortable features.

After choosing the suitable table for your home, you may also want to learn about the tips of maintaining the wooden dining furniture.

Removing Dust
Dust is small and seems harmless, but it can scratch the wood’s finish if leave it there. Clean the dust weekly with a cloth and avoid using dust polish. Any cleaning product with silicones will soak into the wood and damage the wooden dining furniture. Soak the cloth with water to remove the dust on the surface of furniture.

Removing Watermark
Sometime, your wet glasses will leave a watermark ring on the table if you did not wipe it immediately. You may use mayonnaise as the cleaning liquid and rub the watermark away.

Placement Consideration
Avoid placing your wooden dining furniture near to radiator or heater as it will damage the wood with warping or splitting. Place extra leaves near the table to avoid the leaf warp or swell differently from table.

Humidity Levels Consideration
Not only wooden dining furniture, any furniture made of wood is sensitive with humid. Keep the humidity level is the house between 40 – 45%. The lower humidity may crack the wood, while higher humidity may cause swelling.

Let it Shine
To make your wooden dining furniture shine, consider polish them with wax. Use soft clothes to apply the wax and polish. This task does not need frequent action, but only to be done about twice a year. This can let your wooden dining furniture looks new and beautiful.